A little about the dog house...

Hello, I'm Apryl Hall--dog mom, writer, rockin' aunt, editor, and entrepreneur. I've taken a very crooked and jagged path from my love for writing from childhood to being dubbed the Dog House Writer. After high school, I bought into the limiting belief that writers don't make money and was encouraged to forgo my passion in early adulthood. I always kept writing as a hobby.

In 2019, I transitioned from the Safety & Insurance field into Marketing. Copywriting immediately became my focus and debunked the myth that great writers don't get paid. After producing several e-books and being promoted to Director of Marketing at my full-time gig, a publisher saw my work and asked me to ghostwrite a book for a full-fledged rock star. Thus began a new career and offers for more work came rolling in.

I focus on making authors best sellers. I not only ghostwrite but also love to edit books. Navigate the site and if you have any questions, drop me a line or schedule a call!


How I Help

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